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mData offers innovative Digital & Interactive Services for conferences and events in Greece and worldwide, empowering businesses for success.

Get to know us…You just have to think outside of the box!

Live Q&A


Drive engagement on the big screen encouraging your delegates to participate actively in the event. Get them on in action by sending their questions to the speakers and the panel in a simple but impressive way!




Interactive Live Voting


Increase your delegate’s engagement, with Live Voting Questions. The questions can be simple multiple-choiceQuiz type, or even Word Cloud questions.

Displaying REAL-TIME responses drives much higher engagement!



Meaningful Analytics Event Data


Evaluate your Delegates’ Participation!

Using mDatas’ Analytics with detailed reports, you can evaluate the participants’ action in your event and draw useful conclusions to better organize your next event!



MultiPlatform App Development


Create the App of your own conference, customizable to your need and designed to organize an UNLIMITEDamount of content.

mData supports you at all stages: Strategy – Design – Create App – Support and flawlessly aligns with your unique needs!




Now, give to the participants of your events unique Interactive Experiences! Contact mData now and get more information at!


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