Ireland – Oman in 1 hour!

Maria Moraki - 24 March, 2018 12:03 pm - Audience Engagement /Interactive Events /Webcasting /

1 hour is what Prof. Barry Plant needed, in order to speak from Ireland, to 20 Health Care Professionals in Muscat, Oman, and answer all their questions!

A big Pharmaceutical Company needed to educate some Health Care Professionals in Oman, by a Professor, located in Ireland.

The professor is recognized as a specialist in the field of Cystic Fibrosis but, unfortunately, due to his obligations in Ireland, he did not have the time to fly to Oman, to give his lecture.


mData organized the event and sent qualified technicians to both Ireland and Oman, in order to make this meeting happen!

The professor was able to give this lecture to the Health Care Professionals, from his office in Ireland, and the doctors in Oman had the opportunity to ask him their questions, which were answered by the professor Live, during the meeting.





When you want to organize Meetings with Top Health Care Speakers (KOL), who do not have the time to travel from their country to the Organizing Venue, then…

We have the best solution for you:

> Perfect audiovisual

> Full Interactivity between the Speaker and the Audience

> Guaranteed by mData

If you want to give to Your Attendees, such Unique Itnteractive Experience, contact us now!


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